Devo: Shining Stars of Losers Everywhere

Presented on the intercom devotions on Tuesday, August 17 by Ms. Bohnke:

People love stories about underdogs, stories about individuals who started out at the bottom of the heap but worked through their struggles to reach success. We make movies about these underdogs, we cheer for them when they compete in the Olympics – you have probably heard about Joseph Schooling, the man from Singapore who not only won his nation’s first gold medal ever, but did by beating Michael Phelps.

But you might not have heard of Haru Urara. She is a native of Japan. She is also a horse. She ran her first race in 1998. By 2003 she had achieved 80 consecutive losses without any wins. She was the ultimate underdog. Most horses with such a long losing streak are sent off to be slaughtered, but Haru’s owners weren’t willing to do that. They just kept entering her in more races.

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