Preparing for my last Gieschen play

A Column by Mikayla Baumgarte

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming spring play “Star Wreck,” also known as the Gieschen play! Every year biology teacher, Christopher Gieschen, writes and directs a play that hits the stage in May. Continue reading “Preparing for my last Gieschen play”

A new flavor palette: A review of Junk Ditch Brewing Company

By: Kylie Steele ’17

This new modern-food eatery establishment is locating on Main Street and is tucked behind a few other downtown buildings.

The atmosphere has an industrial feel with metal light fixtures and accent wood floors and borders. The entrees are of a clean and slick custom. The Chicken and Waffles dish is one that is tangy with orange slices and sporadic accents of garnishes. Continue reading “A new flavor palette: A review of Junk Ditch Brewing Company”

Choir tour leaves today

By: Taylor Gleave

Today, the Concordia A Cappella choir will be leaving for choir tour.

This year is a short choir tour year which means they are only gone for four days instead of a whole week. They will be departing this afternoon at 3:15 from the school. Tonight, they will arrive in Carmel and have their first concert tonight. After tonight, they will travel down to southern Indiana to go and visit a cave and then onto St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis is where their tour will take place, having concerts and touring up until Sunday when they will return back home. Continue reading “Choir tour leaves today”

Review: Great casting in ‘Hello! My Baby’

By Mikayla Baumgarte

This past weekend the CLHS drama department performed a “new-fashioned” musical called “Hello! My Baby” directed by Chris Murphy. While the plot is original, all of the songs are from other musicals and have their lyrics changed to fit “Hello! My Baby.” Continue reading “Review: Great casting in ‘Hello! My Baby’”

Students learn about business through alumni mentor program

By: Grace Christian

On Feb. 17, Concordia hosted had the next Alumni Mentor Program-lunch and learn. The speaker was David Fortmeyer who graduated in 1980 from CLHS. After graduating in 1980, he went to Ball State for college. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and a minor in economics. He currently works with Well Fargo advisers. He manages a number of corporate 401(k) retirement plans. Continue reading “Students learn about business through alumni mentor program”

Local, national film experts to judge Concordia’s Comedy Festival

Deadline for entries is Friday, Feb. 24.

From Staff Reports

Film and animation experts from around the country and locally will be judging Concordia’s second-annual Comedy Festival.

Entries are currently being accepted for the festival which will take place at 7 p.m. April 28 in Neff 101 at IPFW. All Fort Wayne-area middle school and high school students may enter. Categories include comedy, action/suspense/thriller, documentary (long-form journalism), and animation. All entries are free. Visit for all of the details. Entries are due Feb. 24.

Continue reading “Local, national film experts to judge Concordia’s Comedy Festival”