Choir tour leaves today

By: Taylor Gleave

Today, the Concordia A Cappella choir will be leaving for choir tour.

This year is a short choir tour year which means they are only gone for four days instead of a whole week. They will be departing this afternoon at 3:15 from the school. Tonight, they will arrive in Carmel and have their first concert tonight. After tonight, they will travel down to southern Indiana to go and visit a cave and then onto St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis is where their tour will take place, having concerts and touring up until Sunday when they will return back home.

“We will be staying with both host families and at a hotel,” said senior Rachel Widenhofer.

The purpose of this tour ultimately is to learn and share the gospel of the Lord through song.

“I think choir tour is a great experience to share God’s word and be a witness to others through music,” said junior Jon Mueller. “Getting to see how we affect people through our concerts is great.”

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