A new flavor palette: A review of Junk Ditch Brewing Company

By: Kylie Steele ’17

This new modern-food eatery establishment is locating on Main Street and is tucked behind a few other downtown buildings.

The atmosphere has an industrial feel with metal light fixtures and accent wood floors and borders. The entrees are of a clean and slick custom. The Chicken and Waffles dish is one that is tangy with orange slices and sporadic accents of garnishes.

The waffles are made from a sweet potato batter that is truly unique to any other concoction I have ever tried. The fried chicken was sweet and fried to perfection with the characteristic of it being able to melt in one’s mouth.

Their menu and staff is very accommodating to a new host of people that are vegan or have any other food nutrition preferences.

The servers are laid back and relatable people that truly represent their restaurant motto “from farm to fork” mentality.

People could be either seen drinking classic Mexican Coca Cola from the bottle or see teenage girls playing cards over coffee.

No other establishment is quite like Junk Ditch Brewing Company with the location, spectrum of ages from guests, rare combinations on entrees, and vivacious arrays of flavors.

It is a must go place for high schoolers and adults alike.

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