Final choir tour ‘hits home’

A Column By Dylan Patterson

Choir tour is an extremely special time for every member of the Concordia A Cappella

Choir. It would not be difficult to say that this is the most important time of the year for many of its members.

As a senior this year, our tour particularly hit home. We started with a concert in Carmel, Ind.

The first concert that we have is always rather rushed and never quite put together. This concert was no different. With songs half memorized, wrong pitches given and songs omitted from the set, it was certainly not our best-sounding concert. Even through all of the tumult and the strife, many tears were still shed, and many hearts still touched by God working through our connections and our songs.

As the weekend progressed, you could sense the choir coming together. There was an ever-present sense of God among us, and the school theme “Christ at the Center” was a poignant one. It was not just a tour of bus rides and church singing, we also had opportunities to see our nation, and witness some fantastic things.

We made stops at Marengo Cave, the St. Louis Arch (closed for construction, of course), the Cathedral Basílica, the Old Courthouse and the famous City Museum in St. Louis.

With each activity, our next concert sounded better than the last. This can easily be attributed to the oneness reverberating through the choir, as we were able to make new friends, and feel more like a family united under one goal and mind.

Our last concert was an incredibly emotional time. We felt and sounded like an entirely different choir than our first night. The set list ran smoothly. Our sound was sensational. The audience was invested, and tears were running. At any given time you could look into the faces of the choir and notice one or more members beaming with joy, or see silent tears falling.

As we closed our final concert with the Benediction and similarly closed our tour in a circle outside praying and singing the Doxology, I personally felt closer to God than I ever have in my life. I felt as though I was part of something bigger than myself, something bigger than even the choir. We were truly going and making disciples of all nations. Spreading the love and message of God in one of the most beautiful ways possible, utilizing our talents the best way we knew how.

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