Running to the Finish Line

By Aleana Branigan

On March 25, the Cadets track teamed made their journey to Indiana University Bloomington to fight for the top places at the indoor track state championship. Not only did the boys team claim first overall in the 1-3A IHSAA Indoor State Championship, but they also managed to score 100 points and set two new records. The girls were also well represented and placed high in their events. Continue reading “Running to the Finish Line”

Power Rangers: Morphing onto the Big Screen

By Logan Krinn

Hollywood has done it once again; bringing a beloved franchise to the big screen. This time, with five teens in brightly colored suits. Power Rangers is based off of the believed Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series from the early 1990s. Continue reading “Power Rangers: Morphing onto the Big Screen”

Color guards compete at showcase

By Lauren Ratzburg

On March 17, color guards from all over Fort Wayne joined the Cadet guard in The Cage. There were guards from Dwenger, Leo and the beloved Cadets. All teams invited as many people as they wanted, including parents, grandparent, other family and friends, who couldn’t make it to the team’s previous competition and see the amazing shows in person. Continue reading “Color guards compete at showcase”

‘Get Out’ gives perspective on Black Lives Matter movement

By Dylan Patterson

“Get Out,” the new psychological thriller written and directed by Jordan Peele, one of the duo from Key and Peele, is one of the most stimulating and intriguing films that I have had the privilege to experience. Grossing more than $130 million in the box office so far, it displayed a perspective very rarely explored. Continue reading “‘Get Out’ gives perspective on Black Lives Matter movement”

CLHS shines at Clendenen

By Logan Krinn

Concordia Lutheran High School JROTC hosted their home drill meet, The 46th Annual Homer Clendenen Drill Meet. This years senior class, the Battalion Commander, Derek Egolf, especially, not to mention SFC Conrad and MAJ Sheaffer, has put countless hours into planning this event. This year however, was different because for the first year ever, this event was held over at IPFW rather than Concordia. Continue reading “CLHS shines at Clendenen”

‘Beauty and the Beast’: A definite difference from the original

By Amanda Williams

The highly anticipated live action version of “Beauty & the Beast” was released on March 17. Like many other people my age, the animated version of this movie was a large part of my childhood. I have three copies of the movie in different editions because I loved the movie so much and always asked for it for my birthday or Christmas. So naturally my expectations for the live action version were very high. Continue reading “‘Beauty and the Beast’: A definite difference from the original”

Changes in schedule for 2017-18

From administration:

Exciting changes are on the horizon for Concordia! Over the past three years, we have been developing a new schedule structure to improve our academic and community goals — ultimately create a better learning environment for students.

We have created a new page on our website to help explain different features of the schedule.  That information will be updated regularly as new details become available. There is also an area on this site to provide feedback. Please reference this site for all of the latest information.