Before I Flop

A review by Aleana Branigan ’17

On Friday March 3, “Before I Fall” was released in theaters. I had seen the trailers for it a few months before the movie came out, so naturally I went out and bought the book by Lauren Oliver so that I could compare the two like I always do with movies.

The book was phenomenal. It left me wanting more at the end of each chapter, and there were many points where I would throw the book out of frustration. Oliver keeps readers on the edge of the toes as she fills one’s mind with a completely different day in each chapter.

I have nothing negative to say about the book because I was completely in love with it.

As for the movie, directed by Ry Russo-Young did not captivate my heart like the book did. The movie held the same plot, yet it changed major details from the book.

It’s best I don’t reveal the differences just to allow everyone their own opinion.

There was a point during the movie when I curled up in the theater and was fighting to stay away because I had already spent $11 for a ticket.

The ending was my favorite part, not because it was over, but because they added to the final scene of the book and made it beautiful. Potentially tears could have been shed by the ending, but not by myself.

Rotten Tomatoes obtained a rating from viewers of the movie with a 68 percent. I suggest watching the movie then reading the book. It’ll keep you from angrily whisper-yelling in your friend’s ear during the movie.

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