Cadets stay strong at JROTC drill meets

By Logan Krinn

With a successful season so far, Concordia’s JROTC Drill Teams continue to flourish at their competitions. The Cadets made their way to down to Indianapolis for the IPS Drill Meet.

The Snap Squad, Co-Ed, IDR, and Color Guard teams performed against nine other teams. Cadets also competed in the individual drill knockout. Out of all of those categories, the Snap Squad came in third place, the CO-ED team came in first place, and two Cadets placed in the individual drill. Senior Tucker Bennett came in ninth, and sophomore Kanise Mitchell-Casey came in sixth.

Overall, the Cadets have made a really strong presence at every drill meet that they attended, and they continue to do so. With only one drill meet left in the season, successful or unsuccessful, this year will go down as one of the best years for the drill teams in Concordia JROTC history.

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