‘Beauty and the Beast’: A definite difference from the original

By Amanda Williams

The highly anticipated live action version of “Beauty & the Beast” was released on March 17. Like many other people my age, the animated version of this movie was a large part of my childhood. I have three copies of the movie in different editions because I loved the movie so much and always asked for it for my birthday or Christmas. So naturally my expectations for the live action version were very high.

The best parts of the movie that did not disappoint were the two most memorable songs “Be Our Guest” and “Beauty and the Beast.” These scenes were just as spectacular as the original version.

If you were expecting this version to be exactly the same as the animated one, you will be slightly disappointed. There are three added songs in this version, but I only enjoyed one of them. The other two songs were quite short, and at times felt forced.

There are definitely different points of emphasis in this movie. Belle seems to dwell on her mother’s death, and this is what she and the Beast end up bonding over.

Another emphasis is on the servant characters. These characters are slightly different because if the curse is not broken, they become the inanimate objects and would no longer be alive.

In the climax scene of the movie, the last petal of the rose actually falls, and the servants are shown “dying” and becoming objects. I think this takes away from the main point of this scene, which is Belle confessing her love for the Beast.

I know I am a strong critic, but I practically know the original version of the movie forward and backward. I am that person who notices the slightest difference and will get upset about it. Personally, I am glad my mom’s work paid for our tickets, and I did not spend my money. However, I know there are plenty of people who will love it no matter what.

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