Power Rangers: Morphing onto the Big Screen

By Logan Krinn

Hollywood has done it once again; bringing a beloved franchise to the big screen. This time, with five teens in brightly colored suits. Power Rangers is based off of the believed Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series from the early 1990s.

Power Rangers borrows a lot from the TV series, including some of the cheesy comedy, which can be a wonderful thing for those who enjoyed the original series. However, even with this darker tone of the movie, it is still at its core a Power Rangers property, so those that weren’t exactly into the series might not get into the movie quite as much.

That out of the way, let’s break down the movie.

The main characters, Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Billy (RJ Cyler), Zack (Lini Liu), Trini (Becky G), and Kimberly (Naomi Scott), had a good amount of character development throughout the film, and you can see the characters grow closer with each other as the movie progresses. You can definitely see this between Jason and Billy, Trini and Kimberly.

Bryan Cranston played Zordon and he did a great job, and Bill Hader made Alpha 5 a good character and actually had some sarcastic tones to him, which was welcomed. Elizabeth Banks played Rita Repulsa and did a great job, even if her character was more cheesy than the rest of the cast.

Now for the story. This is a character development story with Power Ranger elements sprinkled in, and it does this wonderfully. It is split into thirds: Introduction, Training, and the finale. The first two thirds of the movie are made for fleshing out these characters and bringing them together. Yet, it had enough exciting action scenes sprinkled into the middle section that I never felt bored and the story never dragged on.

Power Rangers is about 55% special effects, and it looks really good. The Ranger’s Zords look fantastic. The henchmen, or “putties,” look terrifying, and the main enemy Goldar looks really pretty terrifying as well. However, some of the effects are lacking, and you can clearly tell when those moments happen. But they are so minute that it isn’t a problem.

In the end, Power Rangers was a great time for fans of the TV series, and there is enjoyment for those who weren’t fans of the show. It was a great beginning to a new Era of Power Rangers and does so without straying away from the core values of Power Rangers.

Taking all of this into consideration I would say that you should definitely watch Power Rangers in theaters.

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