A day in the life of a hostess

Kami Rieck: Junk Ditch Brewing Company
Approximately two months ago, I began submitting resumés for a hostess position to a majority of the local restaurants in Fort Wayne in hopes of finding a new job. Within 24 hours, Junk Ditch Brewing Company, which is located downtown, got back to me and offered me the position.

At 17 at the time, I’m the youngest person that works there by at least eight years, but ever since day one of training I have had the privilege of meeting the most kindhearted customers (some travel from Chicago just to eat here), tasting incomparable food and not wearing a uniform.
I spend at least 30 hours a week at the restaurant, so it has come to be my second home that I rarely get tired of. My days consist of conversing with guests, creating reservations, answering phone calls, seating customers and helping the servers clear tables. One of the most interesting moments I’ve had was when I received a phone call requesting gluten-free beer (the answer is no).
My absolute favorite part about this job is the people that I work with who always take care of me, make me laugh and have given me about a dozen new nicknames. Also, one of my bosses, Andrew Smith, is a 2004 Concordia graduate, so #CadetNation.
Kylie Steele: Cork’n Cleaver
I work at Cork’n Cleaver as a hostess. I’m the first face people see as they walk into my establishment. You have to be a people type of person because for obvious reasons, you’re always working with people.
At my job I lead people to their tables, tell servers that their parties have arrived, clean floors and bathrooms, pick up the phone for questions or reservations, call to confirm reservations and set up a floor plan for the restaurant. I really enjoy talking to people because Cork’n Cleaver is so well known for their food that we have people travel all over from Indiana to eat. I also really enjoy setting up the floor plan for the evening because I like to be in control, and give each server a fair amount of customers so they can make as much money as they can.
The staff I’m a part of really makes my job one of the best jobs I’ve ever had because we are just a big family that endures the good and the bad of that dinner time rush stress.
Taylor Gleave: Paula’s On Main
I am a hostess at Paula’s On Main. When I first walk into work, I start creating the floor plan, making sure each server is treated fairly giving them about the same number of people in each section. I also write out all of the features for the night on our feature board, which requires me to have to have semi good handwriting.
During the weeks we don’t have any bussers on so I am the busser, going around and making sure each table is cleared and ready for the next party. When we have a larger party coming in I will go and put together the tables needed for that party. The only time I don’t enjoy my job is when there are tons of reservation and walk-ins coming in at the same time while tables aren’t up and ready, and customers getting super annoyed with me when there really is nothing I can do except smile and say “it should be ready shortly.”
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