Information for Prom

Prom this year will be held at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum (1600 S. Wayne St Auburn, IN) from 8-11pm on May 13th. Tickets will be on sale during lunches starting April 19th. Ticket prices from April 19th until May 5th are $40 dollars for a single student or $70 for a couple. After May 5th the price goes up to $50 for a single student and $80 for a couple. If you are planning to take a student that is not from Concordia you will need to fill out a Guest form which can be found at student services, the ticket sales table at lunches, or in Mr. Mertz’s room (Room 301) before you will be allowed to buy tickets.

We are also offering a trolley service if you do not wish to drive out to Auburn. The price for a Trolley ticket is $10 and will include transportation both to and from Concordia Lutheran High School. We have ordered two trolleys both of which would depart Concordia at 7:30pm to head to the museum and would return to Concordia at approximately 11:30pm.

Please remember to bring your ticket with you in order to get into the dance. Also, once you have entered the dance you will not be allowed to leave and re-enter without a faculty chaperone. We ask that you keep dance dress code in mind as well as driving laws for the trip to and from the dance.

P.S. Tickets may not be sold during fourth lunch so if you are a junior or senior in 4th lunch you may purchase them from Mr. Mertz (Room 301) before or after school.

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