Permanent: The Story Behind My Tattoo

By: Kylie Steele ‘17

For my 19th birthday this year, I decided to “taint” my skin with an irreversible mark. Something that most parents would cringe over if their children were getting the forsaken tattoo.

I decided to get my tattoo to have a physical representation of what God supplies me with so that it’s a constant reminder to heal my thoughts. I got a cross with the compass directions of North, South, East, and West to show that God has direction of my life. I have anxiety and depression so this tattoo calms my sad anxious heart.

I got my tattoo at Grade A Tattoo in the mall by Paul E. My heart was racing as he wiped my wrist with a disinfectant and smeared some clear cream to prep for skin for the needles.

I was nervous once I started to hear the hum from the needle that would start to ink my skin while I layed on my belly with my arm completely twisted backwards. I would describe the pain as being similar to having a safety pin scraped across the skin, but luckily I had my best friend to hold my hand through the whole thing.

The entire process took about 20 minutes, and I was easily the youngest customer getting a tattoo at that time. I do have to cover my tattoo for two of my three jobs, and this experience has changed my entire perspective on tattoo policies in the workplace. I wish I didn’t have to cover my cross because it is an outward symbol of God’s love and contribution working within me. To me it should be like being able to wear any physical religious item to show your faith.

My tattoo shows my own personal relationship with God and what He intends to do with my life every day.  

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