Review: Our first time at the JROTC Officers Ball

To begin this three- part review of the JROTC Ball, let us start by saying that this was all of our first times going to the ball and we are now into our senior year.

Aleana Branigan with c/MAJ Logan Devine

From kissing a pig’s snout to getting instructions on the cha-cha slide, I’d majorly suggest going to JROTC Ball if you’re ever invited. I was invited by Devine, and I honestly said yes just because I thoroughly enjoy dressing up. Never would I have expected to endure an hour-long roast session nor would I have expected to not be allowed to do simple tasks like getting myself a drink (noted, this is an all military thing not just Concordia).

The only con was on my part, and it was the fact that I dropped my ball glass over a stair banister and shattering at the bottom. Ball was a blast, and I wish I had gone earlier with my friends.

Alaina Stellwagen with c/MAJ Tucker Bennett

When I agreed to go to the JROTC Ball, I honestly did not know what to expect; all I knew was that I got to get dressed up and have fun dancing with Tucker. However, the evening was filled with many pleasant surprises, and it turned out to be a formal night that was filled with many jokes and even a roasting session.

The night was a perfect balance of formalities and fun, and it was something I’d never done before. I would highly recommend ball to anyone who is given the chance to attend.

Kaylee Harwood with c/CCO Cody Hough

JROTC Ball is full of unexpected surprises. There are many rules but it is really an enjoyable time. Either it is kissing a pig or listening to everyone calling each other out the entire night keeps you on your feet.

The evening starts with the formal portion of introductions, toasts, and dinner. The food is great and the times are good. After supper the sleeves get rolled up, and the heels come off and it becomes a great time of fun.

If ever asked ladies, or gentlemen, take a chance and go to Ball.

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