JROTC Tournament, Review honors students

By Logan Krinn

The 103rd Annual JROTC Tournament and Review is not just a night to honor the underclassmen, promote the juniors, or name the new Battalion Commander. However, it is the final night for the seniors. All of their hardwork and accomplishments acculminate to this one night.

During the evening, the Concordia JROTC Snap Squad, IDR, and CO-ED Drill teams preformed for the parents. They also had an obsicle course, with many different contenders, such as the Powerpuff girls, Captain America, a Peanut M&M, and a T-Rex. After a fierce competition, the Powerpuff Girls manage to pull out a victory.
After the fun was over, everyone moved into the auditorium where a video was played in rememberance of everything that happened throughout the year. Seniors were given their final promotions and awards, while freshman were getting their first. It was a night filled with laughs, cheers, happiness, and tears of joy.
At the end of this night, it was finally time to name the Battalion Commander for the 2017-2018 school year. As the juniors got their promotions, and list of potential commanders dwindled; it was finally clear. The Battalion Commander for the 2017-2018 school year is: Gavin Seiert.
Promotions and Positions for the 2017-2018 Battalion Staff

Battalion Command

Battalion Commander                                c/LTC Gavin Seifert

Battalion Executive Officer                       c/MAJ Preston Kerlegrand

Primary Staff

Adjutant (S1)                                                c/CPT Derek Carey

Security/Recruiting (S2)                           c/CPT Noah Smith

Operations Officer (S3)                             c/MAJ Faith Poor

Supply/Logistics (S4)                                c/CPT Sam Blanchard

Special Projects (S5)                                  c/1LT Jon Gick

Public Affairs (S6)                                      c/1LT Grace Donley

Clendenen Drill Meet Director                 c/1LT Colin Breischaft

Battalion Chaplain                                      c/CPT Charlie McLain

Letter Companies

A Company Commander                              c/CPT Cooper Christlieb

A Company XO                                              c/1LT Ethan Shoemaker

B Company Commander                              c/CPT Emma Martin

B Company XO                                              c/1LT Conrad Trier

Drill Team/Special Unit Commanders

Snap Squad                                                   c/MAJ Jason Beal

IDR                                                                  c/CPT Jack Kidd

CO-ED                                                             c/CPT Austin Whaley

Rifle Team                                                      c/CPT Caitlynn Flaningan

Superior Cadet Medals were presented to:

c/COL Derek Egolf, LET IV

c/LTC Gavin Seifert, LET III

c/2LT Lindsay Bennett, LET II

c/SSG Liam McCurdy, LET I

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