Breaking Out of The Dress Code

By: Deedee Ridley ’18

After six long weeks of wearing the same, basic uniforms, Concordia students spiced it up this entire week with fun and exciting dress up days for Homecoming Week.

On Monday, the Cadets dressed up in Comfy clothes, also known as “I Woke Up Like This” clothing. People appeared to school in sweat pants, onesies, robes and even bonnets! Let’s just say that Concordia looked like they rolled out of bed!

Tuesday was Color War Day. Every class at Concordia had different colors to wear to school. Freshmen had the honor to wear the brilliant color: yellow. The sophomores and juniors were the ying to each other’s yang. Sophomores wore white and the Juniors wore black. Class of 2018, or the seniors, wore the various mixtures of colors: tie dye.

Wednesday’s dress day had everyone looking very patriotic with the colors of red, white and blue. There were an abundance of students wearing those colors along with camouflage. Yes, Cadets love America!

On Thursday, the dress up day was Dress Like Your Class Theme. Each class had different channels to dress up as the characters featured on that channel. Freshmen dressed up as the Weather Channel, sophomores had Cartoon Network, juniors had Nickelodeon and seniors had Disney Channel. There were a variety of meteorologists, Spongebob characters, “Boo”s from Monsters Inc. and so much more!

Lastly, Friday was Cadet Crazies! Everyone was dressed up in a variety of Concordia Spirit Wear and showing their Concordia pride all the way up until the Homecoming Football Game.

This week has been a very successful and productive Homecoming Week for the Cadets. Until next year!

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