Cadets are Bringing the Heat!

Varsity Football By: Deedee Ridley

This season is looking great for Concordia’s Varsity Football team!

With Brandon Davis being a Freshman Quarterback on the Varsity team, the Cadets are getting wins after wins.

During the game against Lakeland (the SECOND game of Sectionals), Senior Marcus Morrow scored an astonishing three touchdowns.

The Student Section, crowd and cheerleaders went wild every time he scored.

The boys shut out Lakeland High School with an outstanding score of 32-0.  The overall win for this season so far is 7-4.

The Cadets play very well as a team. They are so close to their second championship ring in a row. With great offense, defense and constant communication on the field, they could win it all!

Let’s go, Cadets! Let’s go!

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