Concordia Kicks off Bowling Season

October began the season of the 2017 bowling year. This year, there are four girls and six boys on the team. There is a varsity girls team and a varsity boys team. There is a coach for the girls and two coaches for the boys, but the coaches still help the other teams. They have three freshmen girls and one freshman boy this year. There are a couple juniors and four seniors too. Both teams have been working very hard to get good scores. They have been pushing each other to do their best. Both teams cheer each other on even when a teammate did not do very good on a frame.

Practices are Mondays and Tuesdays with matches on Thursdays. Practices are from 3:30 to 5:00. During practices, they do three or four games. Before starting the practice games, sometimes there is a few minutes for a warmup. At practices, they want to try to get better for the next match. At the matches, all the teams play two games against a different team. There are many teams at the matches from all of the different high schools. They have some teams play on Wednesday nights. The matches start off with the National Anthem and 10 minutes of practice time. The games take about an hour. After each round, the teams switch sides so they can bowl on the other lane. After the two games, both teams shake hands.

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