Running to Success!

The boys and girls cross country teams have come a long way this season. They have had a few tough meets and many injuries throughout the season. The girls and boys teams are both very different.

The girls team is very young and consist of many freshman. The leading runner for a majority of the season was Callie Hoover. They started the season being mediocre and ended being great. They won the SAC meet by a tie breaker to Dwenger. Carmen Trier won the tie breaker by having a faster time than their 6th runner. They then beat all the odds and kept advancing. They advanced passed sectionals, Regionals, Semi-state and then made it to state. They ended up in 22nd place out of around 400 teams.

The boys team also had a slow start this year. Their leading runner was sophomore, Reece Gibson. They had a lot of injuries. Most of the Team was injured at one point. They then won SAC by one point. They then advanced at sectionals, regionals, semi-state and then went on to state. At state they got 18th place. The top runner, Reece Gibson placed in the top 20. He was the only underclassman to do so. Great job to all the cross country runners! Keep running hard! Good luck next season and with all your training!

By: Sydney Webber

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