Annual Pro Life Trip to Depart Soon

By Haley Wade

Every year, the Pro Life trip leaves in January to go march against abortion in the frigid Washington D.C. The group is at that exciting time again where they get to plan and prepare, and many of the students going are eagerly looking forward to the trip.

Senior Bailey Coburn says, “It’s a super cool experience, and I think that it’s a good opportunity for anyone who considers themselves Pro Life. The rally is cool, but the March is also cool. It’s really moving.”

The group will depart on Wednesday, January 17th and will engage in the annual March for Life, which takes place on the 19th. While the debate between Pro Choice versus Pro Life has always going on for years in the world, the high school is thrilled to be able to go and voice themselves. A lot of the Pro Life trip leaders rave about the life changing impact it brings, and that it’s amazing to see so many people for a good cause.

“It wasn’t what I was expecting,” teacher Karolyn Dillman elaborates, “There was a lot of people there. There were a lot more younger people when I was expecting a lot of older people to be there. It was impacting because there was so many people who wanted to make a change.”

While the upcoming journey is exciting for the returning students, it may be even more so for the newcomers. The anticipation of such an impacting experience is buzzing about the hallways of Concordia as the departure date draws nearer.

Senior Max Imler, who’s a newcomer this year, says, “I feel excited to see something I’ve never been a part of, and to fight for the right to life.”

The trip is organized and led by Koinonia leader Mark Dolde, who has been doing the March for many years. The Pro Life group starts their meetings in the beginning of the school year around September, and they meet after school for a short time. These meetings are helpful because they break down what the March is about for people who may have never gone before.

The trip has been recommended by most of its attendees, who claim it to be one of the best experiences they’ve encountered. When next year comes around and you’re curious, perhaps you’ll give the D.C. march a chance.

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