Buckets: Concordia v. Luers Game

By: Deedee Ridley

Cheerleaders were cheering, the crowd intrigued and the Varisty boys basketball players and coaches intensely watched the entire game as our team went against Bishop Luers High School.

The first quarter ended close with the score of 14-11.

The second quarter started, and Sophomore Cleevas Craig got a rebound and made the first point.

With 4 1/2 minutes left on the clock, the crowd on both sides had their eyes glued to the game as it began to get more exciting. There was a 24-24 tie, but the Cadets broke the tie and ended the first half at 30-24.

Yelling coaches and worn-out players would sum up the second half. The scoreboard went back and forth on who was in the lead.

Eventually, the Cadet Boys picked up the pace and the number on the scoreboard for the Concordia side soared. Sophomore Brayden Pearson scored a 3-pointer which made the crowd go wild!

The game concluded with the score of 65-55. Great teamwork and hustle, Cadets!

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