Sing Out Loud!

CLHS Sunday Story By: Kennedy Trice

One of the most special things an A Cappella member can experience is participating in the CLHS Sundays.

The early morning call times are soon forgotten after each member of the choir get to fellowship with one another and praise God in song. It is true what they say,

“A family that prays together, stays together.”

The A Cappella choir is considered one big family, and worshiping together is one of the many important things that keeps us connected with Christ at the center.

Every few Sundays, we visit different Lutheran church congregations, and get the opportunity to worship with their communities as well as fellowship with them. The whole experience not only helps bring the whole choir together, but it strengthens all of our individual relationships with God.

“CLHS Sundays are a great worship opportunity for the A Cappella choir. I look forward to and enjoy these experiences praising God through song with so many of my closest friends.”

That’s what senior Lainey Bentz commented when asked about what CLHS Sundays meant to her. Not only is the worship such an amazing part of the experience but so is the encouragement and praise we receive from different members of the congregation afterwards. It is really interesting and heartwarming to see what songs or moments affect different people in the audience. The A Cappella choir is appreciative of a chance to praise God with one another and share the Gospel this year.
Psalm 69:30- “I will praise God’s name in song and glorify with thanksgiving.”

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