Marching Cadets Take Steps To State

By Senior Alexa Hoover

Band season is in full swing and the Marching Cadets are working hard preparing for another shot at a State title.

This week begins the eliminations at Lafayette Jefferson High School for Regional Competition. The band and colorguard have already put in over 200 hours of practice this season in hopes to advance to Semi-State next weekend.

This year Concordia has received first place with multiple distinction awards at every site they have competed at.

“I think our success can be attributed most directly to the focus and hard work we have put into rehearsals. We are all clearly excited about making the show as great as possible,” Drum major and junior Andrew Schroeder commented.

“The maturity of music and drill in our show this year has been impressive to the judges!” Senior and drum major Katie Milliman added.

Many people say that “practice makes perfect”, but the marching band staff at Concordia likes to say that “perfect practice makes perfect.”

“We chunk through the show each night, repping large portions to iron out any concerns or unfamiliar parts. The reps are the key to growth and vital to our success going into qualifying rounds,” Katie explains.

“Each week of the rehearsal process is about learning new details of the show and achieving at a higher level of performance as individuals, and as an ensemble,” says one music staff member, Jodi Pickens.

The competition aspect is certainly exciting; however, the Concordia Band is notorious for making the Gospel message their number one goal.

“First and foremost, our goal is to share the message of Christ’s love and salvation to our audience this weekend at Regionals,” Milliman says.

One unique way the Cadets are able to accomplish that this year is through their new all black uniforms.

“A black palate helps illustrate the strong, iron framework of a stained glass window. This strength represents God’s firm Law. The vibrant colors of the colorguard perfectly contrast the band and represent Christ’s message of love and hope which work together to achieve a memorable and artistic presentation,” Mike Beights, Concordia’s drill instructor explains.

“{The uniform} adds a sleek look to the horns, making the movements look more crisp. Our new look separates us from other bands in a unique way,” adds drum major and soloist, Izzy Heibeck.

Taking a look at the coming weeks, Beights is focused on presenting a production that glorifies God with the talents he has given the students.

“We rehearse in a manner that helps us grow as performers so that when we are placed in a contest setting, we are prepared to battle for God’s mission. The longer the season goes, the harder we work, hoping to clean our production to the very last detail.”

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Marching Cadets this year! Their obvious dedication and work ethic in rehearsals will help to propel them forward in the up coming weeks of competition, all while spreading the gospel of Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria, To God Alone Be the Glory!

A special thanks to Mike, Jodi, Katie, Andrew, and Izzy for their input.

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