Onto Semi State

By Junior Sarah Bush
On October 6, 2018 the boys sectionals soccer team won sectionals. It was a major win forthem as they advanced onto regionals. Come Saturday October 13, they had to win two games in order to advance to semi state. During the week they had some major preparing to do. Coach Macke pushed them in practices to keep them ready for the next two games.

They prepared by playing 11 v 11 scrimmages and triangle touch drills which helps with first and second touches. They also lifted weights at 2 practices during the week. Come time to play their games, they all felt excited and ready to do their best.

In the first game against Eastern they won a close game with a score of 2-0.

“We were hype after winning the game and ready to sleep before the second game… at 7,” Logan Volz excitingly explains after the game.

Once they had won the first game they all went into the Wesleyan University building and slept.

As the second game rolled around, they all went out to the field to warm up an hour before the game began. This game was against Leo.

“We were more confident the second game than the first because we had already beat Leo twice.” Said Nathan Lemmon when asked about how the team felt before this game.

The Leo game was pretty evenly matched and ended in a tie of 1-1. This in turn, led to overtime. After the overtime had ended, the teams were still at a tie and had a shootout. A shootout is when each team alternates shooting, and tries to score on the other teams goal. Concordia scored the first goal and won the game 2-1 advancing them to semi state.


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