Taking One For The Team

By: Senior Kennedy Trice

Current sophomore, Brandon Davis, was only a freshman when he was called to start as quarterback for the Concordia Cadets football team last fall. This sudden change was due to the injury of current senior, Jake Byrd, late in the season last year during a game against Carroll. Davis was the starting quarterback for the freshmen team, but had no experience playing on varsity.

“I never would have thought I’d have to start on one of the most important positions on the field. I was nervous, but at practices it felt different; like I had to go harder to show the upperclassmen that the season wasn’t over and that they could trust me.” After leading the Cadets to a victory over Northside, Davis had gained the trust of his teammates and went on to play a great game against Luers in their first sectional game. Unfortunately, the Cadets lost late in the game and their season came to an early end.

Although Davis had little experience playing at the varsity level, he isn’t new to the world of football as he started playing when he was just five years old. His primary position has always been quarterback but after filling in for Byrd last year, he has started acting as a receiver for the Cadets when needed. Davis says that the hardest part about being quarterback is remembering every route and reading the defense. And, with little to no experience with Concordia’s varsity team last year, that added to the difficulty for Davis since he wasn’t as familiar with it.

Fast forward to the current year. Although Davis wasn’t initially able to play as quarterback on the varsity team, he still got that opportunity by playing one game on JV in order to keep his skills up. Right before Concordia’s big homecoming game against Wayne, Davis was asked to step up once again as Byrd would be out for the following two games. With some varsity experience under his belt, Davis claims he was more comfortable than last year, since he was familiar with the plays and could read defenses better. He was confident that all his teamm

ates knew what he was capable of and expected him to be ready.

“I felt a little more nervous the first game because usually Byrd is there to talk to me…the game was also homecoming and a big crowd. But I knew what I was supposed to do.”, admits Davis about his first game back as quarterback this year.

Although the Cadets took a hard loss against Wayne, 27-20, Davis played an excellent game and proved that, once again, he could step up for his team. During the Cadets’ game against Carroll, Davis had a total of 208 passing yards and one touchdown in the one half he played before Byrd finished out the game, leading Concordia to a victory over the Chargers, 47-21.

     It is evident that Brandon Davis is a high school star on the rise who works hard and is always ready to step in wherever his team needs him. So far, Davis hopes that the Cadets can meet the Bishop Luers Knights again in the sectional championship and hopefully come out with the win. In his last two years at Concordia, Davis expects to be starting quarterback but is well aware he must work hard for that position.

“I feel like these next three years we can make a run for state and the next two for SAC..”. Brandon Davis is a prime example that in life and even high school football, sometimes you have to take one for the team.

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