CLHS Homecoming Week


This year’s homecoming week is especially crazy! Along with all of the dress up days, there are tons of sporting events, school assemblies, and activities going on every single day.

Monday’s theme is a comfy day, perfect for starting the week off nice and relaxing.

Tuesday’s clash themes of college sports teams and comic con day is extremely well liked by the student body.

Wednesday is dress your best for chapel, followed by our weekly koinonia. Wednesday night is the traditional powder puff, where teams of girls get together to play a half field flag football game while boys dress as cheerleaders on the sidelines to cheer them on.

Class hallway themes are for Thursday, which includes; freshmen with national parks, sophomores with Disney-themed parks, juniors with the rainbow state of Hawaii, and seniors with Nevada’s Area 51. At the end of the day Thursday, the students are meeting in the auditorium for the homecoming court entrance assembly.

To end the week with high spirits for the football game, the dress theme is “Cadet Crazies”, meaning Concordia spirit wear. There is also another assembly at the end of the day Friday that includes games, singing, dancing, cheering, and more!

Friday night at 7pm is what we have all been waiting for. The varsity football team will play against Dwenger for the official homecoming game. We wish the best of luck to our Cadets that they play to the best of their God given abilities… and that we beat the Saints!

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