Sources Of Strength

By Sophomore Brooklyn Holley

The program Sources of Strength was introduced to Concordia last year. This year is the second year the program has been at school. The theme of the program is to show how to balance the six important parts of being a healthy teenager. These six things include family support, positive friends, mentors, healthy activities, generosity, spirituality, medical access, and mental health. Each part of these six are represented as a piece of pie in a circle. These show that all are equally important and when all used together, you can be a healthy teenager. 

Around the school, this program does many different activities to bring awareness for different parts of the circle. They have different kinds of contests where you can win little prizes, and sometimes it’s challenges to do throughout the day. Last year they had a Thanksgiving challenge and everybody before and were then posted around the school. 

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Praise The Lord

By Junior Grace Hedke

Choir. One director. Seventy-two members. Hundreds of rehearsals. All striving to succeed one ultimate goal. At Concordia Lutheran High School, the choir program is very competitive. And every year they strive to succeed the same goal: praise God and spread the gospel to others through their music. 

This year they are working on a more complex piece that requires lots of patience and practice. A song composed by George Handel called Messiah. “After performing for a concert, Senior Mckenna Sappenfield said “After the audience heard us perform, I believe that it was very impactful. It felt wonderful to spread God’s word through music to others who don’t know Jesus.” 

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JV and Freshman Football

By Sophomore Sydney Chappell

          The 2019 Jv and freshman football season was rocky. For most of the players it was about learning and growing. Being on the team was less about score and whether they won or lost, but building relationships and producing a team that could work together and trust one another. Once they had built a sturdy relationship with each other they could work together on and off the field.

          They learned that being on a team isn’t about the score, its doing what’s best for the team isn’t always what you want to do. It’s important to sacrifice your wants for the greater good of the team. Sophomore, Michael Habegger says, “being part of a team means doing what’s best for the guy next to you, not what you think is best for you. 

          While off the field the team may have been great, on the field was tough. Out of the whole season they only scored one touchdown, winning one game. Freshman, Christian Fairgood said this, “ we tried our hardest, now all we have to do is come back harder than ever. Thank you to all of our coaches, and senior, you will be missed. Best family ever.”

          Overall the 2019 JV and Freshman team may not have been the best, or won many games, they grew as players, and created a family that will be remembered forever. It was a season full of growth, learning, humility, and jokes. When asked about their favorite part of the season sophomore Wyatt Chesebrough talked about the many inside jokes and memories made especially, “we are all out of bubble gum.”