Praise The Lord

By Junior Grace Hedke

Choir. One director. Seventy-two members. Hundreds of rehearsals. All striving to succeed one ultimate goal. At Concordia Lutheran High School, the choir program is very competitive. And every year they strive to succeed the same goal: praise God and spread the gospel to others through their music. 

This year they are working on a more complex piece that requires lots of patience and practice. A song composed by George Handel called Messiah. “After performing for a concert, Senior Mckenna Sappenfield said “After the audience heard us perform, I believe that it was very impactful. It felt wonderful to spread God’s word through music to others who don’t know Jesus.” 

The A Cappella Choir has been putting in extra rehearsals for the upcoming Christmas at the Embassy. Christmas at the Embassy is huge event for Concordia’s A Cappella Choir, Chambers, Bella Voce, Women’s Chorus, and Men’s Chorus along with the different bands including Orchestra, Jazz Band, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band. Each of these talented groups work hard on several different pieces to perform individually as a group, then for the grand finale everyone comes together to sing and play. Senior Mckenna Sappenfield said “I am super excited to praise the Lord and spread the good word to others this weekend at Christmas at the Embassy.” 

This coming March 2020 the A Cappella Choir goes on their annual choir tour, but this year it is a surprise, and many of them are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to hear where they will going! Junior Mallory Hockemeyer says “It definitely adds a lot more anticipation and excitement for tour time. I think it also keeps us focused on whatever we have going on at the present moment and focusing our energy into that instead of putting less effort into the other things because our focus is on tour. Also, it’s just fun to speculate about it with the other choir members.” 

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