Sources Of Strength

By Sophomore Brooklyn Holley

The program Sources of Strength was introduced to Concordia last year. This year is the second year the program has been at school. The theme of the program is to show how to balance the six important parts of being a healthy teenager. These six things include family support, positive friends, mentors, healthy activities, generosity, spirituality, medical access, and mental health. Each part of these six are represented as a piece of pie in a circle. These show that all are equally important and when all used together, you can be a healthy teenager. 

Around the school, this program does many different activities to bring awareness for different parts of the circle. They have different kinds of contests where you can win little prizes, and sometimes it’s challenges to do throughout the day. Last year they had a Thanksgiving challenge and everybody before and were then posted around the school. 

For Christmas they did a challenge to focus on positive friends. You could write a special message for your friend on a candy cane piece of paper, that would then be unanimously given to them in their classes.

So far this year Sources Of Strength has already added and trained up to thirty members. The members of this group include trusted staff, and students from all grades.  Sources of Strength doesn’t focus on only involving the popular kids, but it takes kids from different activities all around the school and brings them together using this club. The purpose of choosing kids from all around it so that activities that the program set up can reach kids from all around the school. 

One member Savannah Coodling  states, “ When I was first asked to be in Sources of Strength I thought it was something cheesy that no one would take seriously. After getting trained and making new friends in the club I realized what an impact we could actually have around my school. After we performed a few of our activities throughout the school year I realized how positive it is and I am so grateful that I get to participate in Sources of Strength.” Although sources of strength is new in Concordia it has had a large impact on students. 


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